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When homeowners notice sagging gutters, more often than not the culprit is a damaged fascia. You will also notice rotting or sagging wood on roof ends as well as damp spots appearing on the interior walls of the home. As is the case with most repair services, the longer you wait, the larger the potential for more expensive repairs due to more extensive damage. If this problem is overlooked, you could face numerous problems including but not limited to woodworms and dry-rot.

To the left is a common example of damaged fascia that many homeowners as well as commercial property owners face. If not addressed, the potential for costly repairs will increase quickly as the roof and structural rigidity of the unit can become compromised.

Call us at (609)508-3416 or contact us via our website to schedule a consultation for fascia repair. Fascia repair can be performed as a standalone project or as a part of a gutter replacement or seamless gutter installation. If your gutters are in good shape, we will carefully removed them, repair your fascia, and reinstall your existing gutters.